The Story Behind Michin Grill Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Of course, it all started in our kitchen! In our native country of Mexico, the best parties end up with everyone congregating around the warmth of the kitchen. These wonderful experiences leave lasting memories that have us savoring sounds, tastes and aromas of a fond time.

It was here we found our inspiration. We wanted to bring the flavors and community of our kitchen to the Alamo City. Opening our doors to the Stone Oak community, for us, was comparable to opening our home. Our patrons are not merely customers, they are our guests – and we welcome them warmly, the way one would welcome family and friends.

Located in an unassuming shopping strip, Michin Kitchen endeavors to win a place in the hearts and stomachs of our local community! We like to think of ourselves as a hidden treasure. A true gem, if you will. We deliver a modern Mexican atmosphere, with clean lines, and contemporary, yet homey, ambience.

Michin translates to fish in the Aztec language, so as one would expect we feature several fresh seafood options on our menu. This is the basis for our concept: fresh, flavorful and distinctive. We are a different interpretation of Mexican cuisine and a far stretch from Tex-Mex; the soul of our flavors comes from vintage Mexican food, but we interpret the sight, smell, and flavors with our own spin of taste and uniqueness.